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Hall appointed to lead state budget in Iowa House

09 Dec 2014 — 12:30 PM

House Democratic Leader Mark Smith today appointed State Representative Chris Hall of Sioux City as the Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee for the 2015 Legislative Session.

Targeted Jobs program helps create 250 jobs

16 Oct 2014 — 04:30 PM

TrinityRail Maintenance Services received approval of $1.9 million in tax incentives for a new rail car maintenance and repair facility from the Iowa Economic Development Authority to help finance the proposed $29.5 million investment. “It’s essential that Sioux City remains competitive with South Dakota and Nebraska so we don’t see our employers and workers locating across the river," said Hall.

Video Interview with Chris Hall (KMEG/KPTH)

03 Oct 2014 — 03:20 PM

Hall says during his time at the Iowa legislature he helped to create or retain more than 1,600 jobs and more than one hundred fifteen million dollars to his hometown of Sioux City.

And he says there's more he wants to do. Such as helping Iowans who serve in the military. And finally, Hall says if re-elected, he will continue to ensure Iowa keeps a balanced budget.

Hall Announces Run for Third Term in Iowa House

26 Jun 2014 — 03:53 PM

State Representative Chris Hall of Sioux City officially launched his re-election campaign to the Iowa House of Representatives in House District 13, which includes the eastern portion of Sioux City.

Hall calls for passage of property tax equity bill

16 Apr 2013 — 09:57 AM

"It's correcting the inequities, it's providing equity across the state in a way that makes sure students, and school districts, and property tax payers are all being treated equally. So, that students in West Des Moines and Okoboji aren't receiving some benefit that students in Sioux City don't see," said Democrat Chris Hall.

Democrat Hall pushes bullying bill in Iowa House

04 Apr 2013 — 11:57 AM

In a statement, Rep. Chris Hall, D-Sioux City, noted bipartisan support for House File 593, which expands the definitions of bullying and harassment to include online social media interactions and grants school officials the ability to police bullying beyond school grounds.

Hall wants stop-arm cams on school buses

28 Feb 2013 — 02:07 PM

Hall said the goal is to see if cameras have any impact on dangerous motorists and would make sense on more buses.

“This is legislation at its best,” Hall said. “Does it decrease the number of violations? Does it make people aware of the law?”

Hall's Bullying Bill getting attention at the capitol

14 Feb 2013 — 01:44 PM

“If you look through the legislation, it indicates that you have to engage the parents early, and as long as they are acting in good faith with others to make sure the issue is addressed -- they are never going to be in any trouble,” said Hall.

Hall Endorsed by Sioux City Police & Fire

25 Oct 2012 — 11:17 AM

Rep. Chris Hall has been endorsed by the Sioux City Police Officers Association and the Sioux City Professional Firefighters for demonstrating outstanding commitment to public safety

Letter: Hall consistent supporter of education

23 Oct 2012 — 07:40 AM

Teacher cites Hall's consistent support of education in letter to the editors of Sioux City Journal

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