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Letter: Hall consistent supporter of education

23 Oct 2012 — 07:40 AM

Sioux City Journal Letter to Editor:

I am beginning my 30th year of teaching in Sioux City and plan to support Chris Hall in his re-election bid this year. I knew Chris as a student at Hoover many years ago, and more recently have been impressed with how he has handled himself in the Legislature. What is personally important to me though, is that Chris has been a consistent supporter of issues concerning our schools, teachers and children. Education is the backbone of any society.

When Gov. Branstad was developing an education plan for Iowa, Chris invited educators to a meeting and requested their input so he could take it back to Des Moines. Over 70 teachers attended and Chris shared his perspective and also listened to our concerns. It was clear that Chris was genuinely interested. Chris is not following a party-line vote; he is doing his homework.

His opponent is a part-time teacher, while serving in the Legislature, and has yet been surprisingly neglectful of issues we believe are important. Educator or not, Taylor has voted his party line every time, even when it was at direct odds with the interests of students in this district. We can do better.

I'm supporting Chris Hall for state representative this year and am asking that you also because he has made the effort to listen to those who are very passionate about education.

- Mitch Rorris

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