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Hall calls for passage of property tax equity bill

16 Apr 2013 — 09:57 AM

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Sioux City lawmakers are pushing for tax reforms to reduce the inequity in school district funding across the state.

The plan would put part of the state surplus toward school districts that are property poor, like Sioux City.

The district ranks only second to Denison, Iowa in terms of its high property tax levy rate.

Storm Lake, Iowa is also in the top half of property poor districts.

The bill would bring in nearly five million dollars in property tax relief to the Sioux City Community School District.

Denison, which is a much smaller district, would see nearly a million dollars.

Storm Lake is just under $800,000.

The surplus revenue would come from the Taxpayers Trust Fund.

"It's correcting the inequities, it's providing equity across the state in a way that makes sure students, and school districts, and property tax payers are all being treated equally. So, that students in West Des Moines and Okoboji aren't receiving some benefit that students in Sioux City don't see," said Democrat Chris Hall. 

A similar bill has already passed in the Senate.

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