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Letter: Longtime Republican supports Hall

20 Oct 2012 — 09:33 AM

"Longtime registered Republican" submits letter to the editors of the Sioux City Journal in support of Chris Hall.

Hall promises to continue delivering results, not talking points

18 Oct 2012 — 08:00 AM

Hall's guest column in the Sioux City Journal: "Over the last two years in the Iowa House, voters have been able to count on me to make rational decisions that are based on what is best for Sioux City – not what is best for one party or the other. My record reflects that commitment, and points to the fact that I am willing to support ideas that are both Democratic and Republican, so long as the outcome benefits our community."

Hall and Stewart receive life saver award for acts during fire

08 Aug 2012 — 12:45 AM

Normally, Iowa lawmaker Chris Hall spends his days battling bureaucrats and bills. However, on a late night in May, he and his friend Mark Stewart took on a blaze at a Sioux City apartment complex.
The Sioux City Fire Department called the act "exemplary citizenship" and said the two men "most certainly saved lives and property."

Two local people awarded "citizen life saver" award

08 Aug 2012 — 12:43 AM

Two local men are being called life-savers, after heroically working to save lives in an apartment fire earlier this year. Chris Hall, a local state representative and his friend Mark Stewart said they saw smoke coming from the roof of the Glen Oaks Apartment building on the night of May 16th. They immediately started knocking on doors and trying to wake people up, to get them out of the apartment quickly. And it's their actions that night, that are being recognized now.

Editorial: Provide money for Sioux City facility staff

19 Jul 2012 — 12:39 AM

Rep. Hall pushed for funding to support staff positions in Sioux City's new correctional treatment facility. Sioux City Journal Editorial Board supports funding for this purpose.

Hall supports funding for new residential corrections facility staff

14 Jul 2012 — 12:34 AM

State Rep. Chris Hall, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, supported funding for staffing at the downtown Sioux City corrections facility.
"I would prefer to fully fund the (Residential Treatment Facility) because in the long run, it saves taxpayer dollars because it reduces recidivism and keeps people out of prison," Hall said.

Iowa Rep. Hall proposes legislation to prevent bullying

13 Jun 2012 — 12:27 AM

Rep. Chris Hall's proposed anti-bullying legislation featured in USA Today article about bullying tragedies and proposed solutions to prevent bullying.

State Rep helps battle Glen Oaks fire

17 May 2012 — 12:25 AM

Normally, Chris Hall spends his days battling bureaucrats and bills. But Wednesday night, he helped take on a blaze at Glen Oaks Apartments.

Hall: Split legislature provides effective bipartisan outcomes

15 May 2012 — 12:20 AM

Hall writes guest editorial for Sioux City Journal, identifying successes of the legislative session, including job creation initiatives, workforce training, and education reform.

Rep. Hall sponsors anti-bully legislation

20 Apr 2012 — 12:18 AM

Sioux City Representative Chris Hall introduced a bill this session to stop bullying before it starts.

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