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Job Creation

Growing up in Sioux City, Chris Hall has seen businesses relocate to South Dakota because of its competitive tax structure.

That's why Hall led bi-partisan efforts with Governor Branstad to create the High Quality Jobs Program, which provides tax incentives for companies to move to Iowa. During his first term, he was chosen by colleagues to serve as the Ranking Member for the Economic Development budget.

Hall supported “Made in Iowa” legislation that gives Iowa businesses first crack at state and local government contracts. By giving Iowa companies the advantage, we can keep our tax dollars and jobs in Iowa, instead of outsourcing to China or India.

• Created the High Quality Jobs Program to help Iowa businesses expand, prevent current businesses from leaving, and encourage new industries and manufacturers looking to locate here (HF 2337)

• Expanded workforce training to help Western Iowa Tech partner with local businesses, and fill job vacancies (SF 2321)

• Provide more equity and property tax relief for homeowners, manufacturers, and small businesses in Sioux City (H-8015; HF 2475)

• Hall led efforts in the Iowa House to keep Workforce Development offices open in rural Iowa, in order to help underemployed Iowans find work during the economic recession.


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